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The Frothing Otter

4/20/09 12:11 am - so

So just FYI... I do have a Facebook.

8/20/07 01:04 am - Never get out of the boat!

Why is it, of all the films in all the multiverse, the one that resonates with me (and has for years) in particular is "Apocalypse Now"? Such that I -must- see it yearly, and each year go "Oh, NOW I get it".... It isn't THAT good a film....

(my email is (myusername)@gmail.com, for anyone wondering...)

4/28/07 06:41 pm - VBN Auction again!

HEY! It's another auction for a copy of "Villains By Necessity" signed by me to the buyer! Take a look, spread the word! :D

And yes, I'll write -anything- on the dedication page for you! This is your chance to get a line or two of exclusive dialogue or a brief discussion of Arcie's foot-care practices! Or a silly sketch of a flower or a smiling dragon, or whatever you'd like! Thanks for looking!


3/27/07 12:56 am - Look at me, I'm a game whore!

Anyone want to play D&D with me?Read more...Collapse )

3/26/07 03:04 am - Hee hee hee hee

From "Dinosaurs that could eat Han Solo"

(Don't get me wrong, I like Han just bunches, but dinosaurs eating people is funny.)

3/23/07 02:18 pm

Somewhere on the Intarwebs I have seen an LJ icon with characters from the movie "Eragon"; it has one character (Jeremy Irons I think? don't know the book/movie) saying, "Isn't anyone else going to act?" and then a succession of the other characters going "...." and then Irons going *sigh*.

I want this icon. Not for LJ, though... for play-by-post. There's been times in the past when it would have been -perfect-.

And I know there will be times in the future.

3/23/07 01:21 pm

Two completely unrelated people on my Google contacts list have a variant of "SPAAARTA!" for their status message. This means something. Where are we dining tonight? Read more...Collapse )

3/11/07 07:26 pm

If y'all haven't yet seen it, I heartily reccomend panoptes 's dissertation on "10 dinosaurs that could eat Han Solo". Very educational, and I for one am going to file some of these away for the Eberron game... lots of dinos in Eberron!

3/9/07 10:59 pm

300 (no spoilers)Read more...Collapse )

3/9/07 08:26 am - Working Kirk

Top 10 Meme Read more...Collapse )
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